Drug addiction is not a conscious choice made by an addict.  Although the initial drug use may be voluntary, over time changes in the brain occur and dependency develops.  The need to take drugs or the inability to control the urge to use them is a sign that your drug use has advanced to an addiction.  At Drug Rehab Center Slaton, we understand that no one wants to be dependent on or addiction to any substance.  Needing a drug to feel normal or make it through the day is not normal, and when you are ready to take back control of your life, the caring and compassionate addiction and recovery specialists at Drug Rehab Center Slaton are ready to help you. 

The addiction treatments and behavioral therapies available to the patients at Drug Rehab Center Slaton are proven to drastically increase addicts’ chances at successfully becoming sober and maintaining sobriety outside of the treatment center.  Treatment programs are tailored to each individual patient’s addiction.  The customized approach to drug abuse treatment is what gives the patients at Drug Rehab Center Slaton the greatest chances at achieving and maintaining sobriety.  Each and every patient is evaluated upon arrival to determine the treatment that will work best for them.  Evaluation allows any undiagnosed illnesses that could be negatively affecting the addiction to be identified and treated.  At Drug Rehab Center Slaton, traditional treatment methods are combined with alternative therapies to help reduce the risk of relapse. 

To learn more about the drug addiction treatment programs available to patients at Drug Rehab Center Slaton, please call (806) 329-4681 or email  The sooner you begin seeking treatment for your addiction, the sooner you can begin living the happy, sober life you deserve.

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